System upgrades & refits

To extend the life of your current automation and/or naviagtion systems we offer both hardware and software upgrades and refits. Most of our previous generation systems have available upgrades based on standard upgrade kits. - If needed we have also the capasity to tailor made upgrades, to meet the requirements from customers who wants specialized features and functionallity.

Bow in dockIf you have a question wheter it is possible to make an upgrade of your system, or if you have decided to refit your excisting system please contact our sales department for a quotation.


Refitting onboard an excisting ship can be a challenge, especially when the ship owner wants to perform the upgrade without taking the ship out of operation. - Our experienced staff offer more than 25 years experience in retrofitting ships that are in need of a midlife upgrade and will plan the refit job to minimize your downtime.


  • Minimum of downtime
  • Improved operation
  • Reduced maintenance cost


For general or specific enquiries please contact us as follows:

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Phone: +47 32 21 81 00