A unique presentation of the next generation automation, navigation and DP system.

L-3 Valmarines Platinum Day took place at L-3 Valmarines headquarter in the rejuvenated city of Drammen on April 17th 2013, and was a significant event offering exquisite partners a unique presentation of the world's first fully integrated bridge and IAS solution – The next generation automation, navigation and DP system.

After extensive research and development it was with great pride L-3 Valmarine for the second time arranged a grandiose Platinum Day, presenting the new innovative Platinum family: Valmatic Platinum, Nacos Platinum & DP Platinum – working together as one integrated system. The Platinum Day epitomizes where L-3 Valmarine is today – at the forefront of its market.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to learn more about the advantages of our integrated option. We are offering tailor made 26Platinum Presentations and you are most welcome to send us a request.