Safety Management

Integrated Safety Management System

SMS overviewThe Next Level in Vessel Safety

Wärtsilä Valmarines Integrated Safety Management System (ISMS) is designed to provide an integrated platform for safety management handling on cruise vessels, ferries and auxiliary naval ships.

The ISMS increases vessel and passenger safety by providing the crew with the ability to manage all potential vessel incidents and emergencies using one integrated system.

The ISMS collects and connects information to provide advice on alarms, remote control, automatic actions and scenario-handling. It helps operators react quickly and intuitively to ship emergencies such as fire, smoke, flooding and terrorist attacks to minimize potential impact to passengers, crew and ship.

The ISMS is integrated with our IAS system. Consequently, the ISMS can be operated from IAS Operator Stations and the IAS system can be operated from the ISMS consoles. As a network based solution, the ISMS can also be operated from locally connected portable operator stations if the emergency situation on board requires local operation and decision support. An important element of the ISMS is the Onboard Training System (OBTS). This enables ISMS operators and crew members to acquire training themselves on how to handle different safety or emergency situations while in port or at sea.