NaviNet IBS

Special Military Applications

MB2 Visby bridge2Integration with various types of sonar systems may include full operation of the sonar from any MFW as an additional functionality in the system menu. This will make dedicated workstations for the sonar system superfluous, a feature that is of special importance to on board naval ships with restricted space on the bridge or in the Ops Room, e.g. corvettes and OPVs.

The NaviNet WECDIS may display surface targets as well as submerged targets simultaneously, separating the two by different symbols. Also military targets from the CMS may be displayed in the WECDIS by means of STANAG symbols.

The IBS may be interfaced with the CMS and transfer information about positions of towed sonar transducers, where the WECDIS will generate an alarm if there is a danger of grounding the transducer.

Gun Interface with support from the CMS allows direct control of ship borne artillery, e.g. 27 mm automatic guns, by employing target data from the navigation radars, thus providing immediate fire power under conditions where the CMS is not normally manned, e.g. in case of unexpected terrorist attacks. The IBS will in these cases become a “Mini-CMS” until the Ops Room is manned and ready.

The NaviNet WECDIS may display tactical areas and tactical route patterns transferred from the CMS, e.g. for mine hunting or similar purposes.

Semi-automatic positioning system: Blind navigation by the use of electronic pointing devices may be transferred to and displayed on the WECDIS.

EMCON modus control: A semi-automatic command system from the ship’s CMS may order immediate shutdown of all electronic transmission. The CMS will receive a confirmation from the IBS when the order has been effectuated.

Maneuver restriction indication may be exchanged between the IBS and the CMS. This will be displayed in the IBS conning display and the WECDIS, indicating that there are restrictions related to maneuvers because of tactical- or navigational safety restrictions.

Interception monitoring in WECDIS.

The IBS may be fitted with an integrated mission recorder, as well as a fully type approved integrated Voyage Data Recorder.

Other functions according to customer requests.